Friday, July 31, 2009

Local Homeless Man Cashing in With His Unorthodox Art

Chuck Brewster, virtually an unknown homeless man living in the woods somewhere within walking distance of downtown Spartanburg, has literally come out of the woodwork and taken the city's local art community by storm. Since he wandered up to the Hub-Bub's art gallery, 'the Showroom' last week, he has sold dozens of his works to art collectors in the area. His unorthodox style has met with stark criticisms from a few local artists, but those who hail his work as sheer genius, from afar, are certainly in the majority.

"I don't have much to work with out there in them woods, so I use what I got." Brewster shared with me in the short time I could get him alone for a quick interview. "It's mostly shit, blood, ..urine makes the yellow, and yeah, I'll catch me a squirrel and cut open its gale bladder for some blues and purples. I paint it all on either a stretched out cat hide, or if I can trap me a coon or something like that. I just won't use dogs, nope, gotta draw the line there."

Most of his critics say that his art stinks, in a literal sense, so Brewster came up with the idea to tie air fresheners on the frames. "Hell, these dang folks wanna throw all this money at me for this stuff, least I can do is get a good smelling tree for a dollar for'em. They're for cars really, but they work all the same I reckon."

(Parody Paper Press News Staff): Mr. Brewster, this past week must have been quite an experience for you, how has this changed your life so far, and please tell us how it all started.

(Brewster): Well, I've been making these for awhile now, a man has lots of time on his hands livin' in the woods ya know. One day I had drank too much mouthwash and I wandered into this art gallery somewhere downtown.

PPPN Staff: The Hub-Bub's Showroom?

Brewster: I reckon, they were gonna run me off, and I saw paintings and stuff, and I just happened to have one tucked down my britches, so I pulled it out and threw it at the young feller there's feet. His jaw dropped and he asked me where I got it from, like I stoled it or something, and I declared I made it, and that I gots more to prove it. So I brought more back and the feller wanted to buy'em all. So I was drinking good that night, and I ate something too.

PPPN Staff: So how has this past week been for you?

Brewster: I've been eating, drinking, and hell, I thought this one little ol' gal was sweet on me till she got a wiff of my drawers. She ran like the Dickens, I couldn't help but laugh though. I ain't ashamed though, hell.

PPPN Staff: Do you plan on getting real supplies now that you can afford them? I understand you've made quite a lot of money.

Brewster: Aww hell, I'll just keep doin' what I always do. I'm to old for change boy, I spent a lot of that money already anyways.

PPPN: Surly you'll make more paintings to sell, to make more money I mean.

Brewster: Well, since all this started I haven't been mindin' my coon traps, and it takes a while to make one of these like I do, I guess that's why they give me so much damn money. I don't know where these artsy fartsy folks get their money, but they sure got lots of it.

PPPN: I know you're a busy man Mr. Brewster

Brewster: Call me Chuck, boy. My daddy's Mr. Brewster, he's dead, but I made this here shit and squirrel bile painting of him here.

PPPN: That's mighty nice, Chuck.

Brewster: These folks are hollerin' for me over yonder, so I guess I better wander over and get some more of their money now. Nice talkin' to ya boy.

PPPN: Pleasure's mine, Chuck. Thanks for your time.

Without even showing his work in a gallery, Chuck Brewster has nearly sold out his entire personal collection. Everyone is curious as to if the truly eccentric artist can keep up with the overwhelming demand for his art. Will he disappear in the woods and emerge with new masterpieces? Will he squander his new found riches on expensive mouthwash and cough syrup? Will he shower? These questions and more, we here at Spartanburg Parody Paper Press News, hope to answer as we follow the story of the unorthodox eccentric, the artist, the vagabond, Chuck Brewster.

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