Thursday, July 30, 2009

Downtown Marijuana March Canceled

A local parade in support of legalizing marijuana scheduled for this weekend in downtown Spartanburg has been called off due to poor planning. Barry 'Blaze' Lebowski, that was heading the organizing of the event, apparently had forgot all about it till yesterday evening when I showed up to interview him.

"We had just got some stellar nugs and have been doing whipit's for the past few days, and hell, I've just totally flaked I guess, ya know?" Lebowski said when I asked him about the event. "We were gonna have these girls dressed up in pot leaf suits, and my buddy Sparky was gonna borrow his dads RV and make banners on the side of it that says hemp is peace, hemp is love, and all. We were gonna roll right on through downtown Spartanburg, ending up at Krispy Kreme for a mega-munchie feast, it was gonna be righteous."

When asked if the event would still take place later this summer rather Lebowski replied, "I don't know dude, sounds too much like work to me, I got, like, stuff I need to do, and stuff, like, finding a job that doesn't piss test, and stuff, but it may still happen, or whatever."

Curious about what kind of turnout was expected for the event, I asked Lebowski about how many marchers in the parade were there expected to be, and if expected participants were disappointed the march wouldn't be taking place this weekend. "Like I said dude, I don't know. Hell, there might be people march still, I haven't called anyone or anything, there may be some of the crew show up still, but the chicks don't have their weed leaf outfits, and I don't think Sparky ever even asked his pops about the RV. Whatever, I gotta find someone holding, peace dude."

After cutting the interview short, Barry had his friend Sparky pick him up outside, where I asked him his opinion on the event. "What? My pops would never let me take the RV, I don't even know what you're talking about. A parade? Sounds cool though." After Barry explained the plans for the event briefly to him Sparky said, "Oh yeah, the parade. Yeah dude, we should totally do it, for sure but we gotta go dude, like, these dudes with the headies are like first come first serve with all that, so let us go. Good luck with your article dude."

Left standing there in the driveway of Barry's duplex apartment, I was left with the stark realization that the marijuana parade was simply a pipe dream conjured up by two bong totting hippies, and I've totally wasted my whole afternoon on this interview.

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