Saturday, September 25, 2010

Masonic Coffee Mummy Ghost Mystery Solved

Four teens and their dog were arrested and released over the weekend at a new coffee shop downtown which until recently was a masonic temple. Claiming to be professional paranormal investigators, the teens allegedly were solving the mystery of the masonic mummy ghost, reportedly seen by several employees at the establishment.

"We were just enjoying some coffee when we heard a scream, and the girl working that day came running up from the basement in a panic." said Fred Jones, one of the novice investigators. "We knew we had to get to the bottom of this mystery then and there."

Upon investigation, the teens found old strips of rag fragments stained with coffee, and a masonic ring in the basement. "It was our first clue!" exclaimed Velma Dinkley, a female member of the group.
"We knew we had to act fast while the trail was fresh." added Daphne Blake.

"Scooby and I were searching the bakery while the rest of the gang was checking out the rest of the place." explained Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers, one of the teens arrested. "We were testing some great marmalade cupcakes for clues when Scooby tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention. I turned around and I was face to face with the Masonic mummy ghost himself! I was like, zoinks!"

Shaggy and his dog, Scooby-doo, claimed they were then chased all throughout the establishment by the Masonic mummy ghost, causing damage to multiple crates of supplies and damaging other private property as well, for which their initial arrest was made later that day.

"We had eventually found more clues and discovered evidence that old man Jenkins, a disgruntled Freemason and avid decaf drinker, wanted to see the coffee shop close so he could buy the property to open a pawn shop." explained Velma.

"Unfortunately, we were arrested and taken downtown before we could explain the whole thing to the police." added Fred.

With the evidence in hand, the gang explained the whole situation to local authorities while being held for malicious damage and trespassing. The police found old man Jenkins in the basement dressed as a mummy and placed him under arrest. All charges were dropped against the teens and their dog, due to their help in bringing to justice the local con-man.

Spartanburg's PPP news was on the scene to ask old man Jenkins for a comment on his outlandish scheme as he was being led to the patrol car, to which he is quoted as saying, "I would of succeeded, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."

Because of their arrest, and despite the charges against them being dropped, the teens pictures were still placed in the local weekly paper, Jailbirds, which features people incarcerated in Spartanburg county.

"It's ok." remarked Shaggy. "I always wanted my picture in the paper, and now the coffee shop said we can get all the marmalade cupcakes Scooby and I can eat." To which his talking dog amazingly spoke out and exclaimed with joy, "Scooby-doobie doo!!"