Monday, September 17, 2012

New Breed of Cat Overpopulates Spartanburg Overnight

Seemingly overnight, citizens on the west side of Spartanburg were surrounded by literally thousands of cute fuzzy creatures that appear to be an unidentified species of feline.

Last nights rain showers left a fog over the city, and a fog of confusion still lingers over where these creatures came from. Susan Gratty, with Spartanburg's animal control and rescue, reported their facility is almost at maximum capacity and unable to contend with the situation.

Some citizens seem more then happy to take in the apparently harmless and cuddly creatures into their homes as pets. "I rounded up about a dozen of the frisky critters so far." says local resident Wilma Haynes, "They are eating me out of house and home though, but my husband is bring groceries after he gets off work tonight after midnight."

We at Spartanburg Parody Paper Press News will follow up this story as the situation develops. Local scientists are looking into where these creatures came from, and what species they are. Stay tuned!  

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