Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Local Roller Skating Car-Hop Waitress' Arrested

A Spartanburg Sonic Drive-In was closed over the weekend due to a fight between multiple roller skating waitresses Friday. The restaurant recently hired two female employees that are members of a local roller derby team, apparently much to the dismay of the other car hop girls.

Police reports initially stated the two new employees, Autumn "Atticweapon" Warner, and Stephanie "Slaughterberry Shortcake" Davis were the only ones who didn't sustain injury, which led to the initial assumption they were responsible for the brawl, on top of the other waitresses account of the event.

"We couldn't make any tips because these new girls were hogging all the customers!" said Susan Bailey, a skating waitress at Sonic that has been working there all summer.

Video security footage of the day in question shows the two roller derby waitresses "checking" the more novice skaters. Judge Frank Barry concluded the alleged "checking" to be a legal roller derby maneuver and dropped all charges, stating the two derby girls acted in self-defense when attacked in retaliation. Sonic representatives declined to comment, other then to say the two ladies in question no longer work at the establishment.

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